Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Dreams Are Political

This is Carla Bruni.

The best thing about her? She's a pretty whore.

Ouch! alright, that was uncalled for. Sorry, sorry. Slash the pretty.

I don't really care for this woman much and since ever I've only heard about her twice or thrice and It's all because she married the president of France. (Oh yeah, I know my first ladies. I'm cultured like that)

Which makes it surprising as yesterday, my subconscious mind revealed that she is more substantial in my life that I thought otherwise.

I friggin dreamt of her. (Seriously, my dreams are so Hollywood. Remember Pattinson?)

The dream started with me in my brown swishy detective coat. Investigating a crime scene. Naturally it was her lying there cold and bloodied.

And like most of the times when trying to rehash dreams, I forgot the parts in the middle.

What I can say safely is that with her death in the dreamworld, and with my brilliance and skill as a detective(mostly because of this) it was uncovered that the french president was a serial model murderer. WOWza!

The story concluded with a view of her updated wikipedia page showing how her death led to France being leaderless. and I woke up happily ever after.

God, will I be a great successor of J.K. effing Rowlings.

The moral of this experience. I make people better in my head. I mean cmon. they are not any better in real life.

Dirty politicians and their attention-craving gold-digging pretty trophies for wives don't make the world sexxxy.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Need..

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Monday, March 8, 2010

I Need...


Friday, February 26, 2010

There's a Difference.

An Arab friend of mine asked me the other day.

"Soggy, why are you so cheap? I mean look at that."

By "look at that," he meant my glasses.

Its frame has been broken for weeks now and I tried gluing and re-gluing it numerous times. Failed loads of times.

Tape was the answer and it's still holding up till this moment. Though it makes me look more like a tramp than I already was beforehand.

Anyways, I told him. "See there's a difference."

"When you are cheap you can afford but you don't want to afford. While when you are poor you want to afford everything but you can't afford."

He LOL'd at my face. Maybe because of the whole lot of affording.

So yes, just to get it out there. Soggy is poor (again not cheap) at the moment. And I am starting a charity to keep myse.. err him, well fed.

If you are interested in donating just leave your bank account numbers and shizz like that in the comment box. hmm wait I think mailing me cheques would be cool too.

Can't wait generous good-hearted readers.

Till then. I need famished-looking me on flyers for added effect.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Music Obsession of the Week



She's American now, eh? Whew. No need to panic then. It's all good.

Let's start over again, shall we?

Hey there people! This here is Regina Spektor.

If you don't know her up till now (She's been in the music business for quite sometime already) that means, there's a 50% chance that your music taste sucks. I kid, it's probably 75%, give or take.

But fine, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. As they say it's never to late.. so get to know her right here!

Here's a song called "Eet" from her latest album. It has been stuck in my head for days and days!

Some people have been speculating what the song is about.

Some say it's about losing you innocence. Hence the line "Someone's deciding whether or not to steal."

Some think it's about losing your purpose in life and contemplating suicide. (Man,the glass is half empty?)

I'm not quite sure as well but all I know is that I love I-i-i-i-t!

What do you think?

Till then. Sing Eet!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Promise Me

We are too young for forever and today is the only thing that is set on stone.

The sun tomorrow is not even sure if we'll still be around.. for anyone.

But it feels right to hold you now.

You might feel sceptical if I'll mean it throughout the long way ahead.

But I assure you. Trust it when I mouth the words at this very moment.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dancing to My Own Kind of Music

I am thinking about how much certain people have been calling me weird and insane lately.

I say am not.

I think most teenagers (esp boys) just can't stand individuality and crave to belong to groups, to feel less lonely.

And by groups I mean, annoying all-black-claded emo packs who think they invented being bad and are too serious for "Why did the chicken cross the road jokes."

Yes, I like guffawing mouth-wide open in my coloured preppy shirts while listening to happy jumpy songs.

They can go scowl and break their eardrums listening to their trash metal tunes.

I hear hearing-aids are the DEFINITION of bad ass.

Till then. Weirdo signing off!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Thoughts on my thoughts?

Today I failed and not in that IT exam I told you I was revising for last time.

With all the days to attend, I went on a day when I wasn't suppose to be at school. My mock exam schedule is tomorrow and nobody bloody informed me!

So basically this translate to

5-6 hours of precious sleep time wasted on waking up early, preparing for school and bumming around that hell hole of cranky teachers, for nothing. Sad.

So to satiate myself from boredom while I was waiting for the 12 o'clock bus to take me home, I looked into my bag or rather my man purse as how my friends would teasingly call it.

Inside were:

a bottle of water. Yes for hydration.


battery-dead mp3 (Batteries hate me. They always die when I need to use things the most.)

& then my notebook that I scribble on when I am insanely bored, sometimes and somewhere without net connection. (Because if there was any, you know you'll end up in facebook. OR porn sites.... Do I hear denial?)

Well anyhow, I saw interesting phrases written in it. I vaguely remember writing them so I was amuse. It's like reading someone else's writing for the first time.

They are very UN-SoggyCereals though.

So nuff' dilly-dallying. Here they are.

"I want to say that you are extraordinary but I can't or I won't. But it doesn't mean I don't think, every single day that you are BEST for me."

"She gasped and slowly turned around. That's when her story ended."

"I refuse to bow down to the future they anticipated for me. I'm in love with my present endeavours."

"Don't you think it's strange when... Yes." (I went "wtf" on this one myself")

Deep stuff. They scare me.

The subconscious part of my brain probably is a dark place without cornflakes and eggs. Tragic.

Till then. *scribble scribble* Bye

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Work Hard, Play Hard

.... This BUMtard do it in reverse :)

Except when I do it vice-versa the latter part completely changes. It will be something like..

Play hard (oh yeah!).... OhMeeFucken TEFLON PAN!! Wot time is it?! GAaaaaH got to cram this WORK HARD!!

Well folks, that's practically the story of my life, every single day.

God, if only self discipline can be bought in a stinkin' jar. I'll buy a couple. Any sellers?

.... sigh

So for now, WORK WORK WORK for me. By that, I mean chatting with "Scrambles" & stalking facebook.

Hopefully I'll be back trolling the blogosphere in a matter of days. It's been awhile since I've roamed around here.

Till then. Got to study for an ICT mock test. Oh so friggin sexy B-D

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Do You Like Chasing or Being Chased?

Now I open my eyes and see the great expectations that I am put under.

Family expectations and other aspects that require a concrete strong will to overcome.

Peer pressure.

Time management.

Teen interests.

Chasing dreams.

And sometimes,
chasing the unnecessary.

It all boils down to ME.

-Dubious Scrambles


I am proud of her.

Till then.